Asociación AEDIVE

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Created in April 2010, AEDIVE is the Spanish Business Association for the Boosting and Development of the Electric Vehicle Market, an Innovative Enterprise Grouping that gathers all the value chain of the electric vehicle industrial and technological sector with the following purposes: “the management, representation, defense and coordination of the common interests of its Associated members, promoting and enhancing competitiviness of the sector with regard to all the EV value chain, in order to face any challenge and opportunity emanating from the implementation of the electric vehicle by boosting research, development and innovation in the products and services by its Members”, as reflected in its statutes.

AEDIVE is thus a non-profit Innovative Association for the Boosting and Development of the electric vehicle market, independent from the Government and with representatives from all points in the EV value chain which makes the Association the valid intermediary for Public Authorities and the market as a whole regarding this issue.

Together with the representation of the industry and technology linked with the Electric Vehicle market, AEDIVE is also a member of national and international platforms and partnerships which bring the Association and added value as a benchmark in the eMobility sector like Move2Future, Spanish Technology Platform for the Automotive industry; Alianza INERCIA (Inertia Alliance), an alliance of industry associations representing different sectors but with common goals in the drive for Smart Cities, and AVERE, the main European network of national electromobility associations.