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Interoperability of EV recharge? We don´t need to reinvent the wheel

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AEDIVE, the Spanish Business Association for the boosting and deployment of the electric vehicle and charging infrastructures, was invited to take part as speaker in the Panel 4: “The role of national initiatives in the development of customer-friendly charging”, at the Intercharge Network Conference 2016 organized by Hubjetc on 12 and 13 May in the city of Berlin with the presence of more than 300 guests and experts from the field of electric mobility and related industries in Europe.

The managing director of AEDIVE, Mr. Arturo Pérez de Lucia, highlighted in his speech the situation that e-mobility is going through in Spain, with an important industrial fabric in terms of electric vehicles (PSA Group, Nissan, Renault, Comarth and Irizar manufacturing cars, vans, quads, last-mile trucks and buses for the worldwide market in addition to the two-wheeler market with companies like Scutum, Torrot and Volta BCN producing high-quality scooters and motorcycles) and capital goods for EV recharge, in short with a huge potential, but not yet fully reflected in market sales and on charging infrastructure deployment.

Pérez de Lucia spotlighted the difficulty in finding in Spain a consensual solution to make interoperable the different public charging stations because of the lack of will by the operators -with a few exceptions- who are responsible for their management who want to impose their own interoperability solution and doesn’t appear to be willing to share information. “The result of this situation is that we have a network of public charging points in Spain for which utilization, an EV user needs several RFID cards that are difficult to obtain”.

“We don´t need to reinvent the wheel”, the representative of AEDIVE said in allusion to find a solution in Spain to make public EV charging infrastructures easily operable for any driver. “The solution is before our eyes and it is called Smartphone”, Pérez de Lucia said.

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