A capital increase to support GIREVE’s development

incremento de capital
The FMET (Fonds de Modernisation Ecologique des Transports) managed by Demeter,  Caisse des Dépôts, EDF, Enedis, the Renault Group and the  CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône), shareholders of GIREVE launch a capital increase to support its growth and strengthen its position as a central player in electromobility

A capital increase to support the strong growth of GIREVE

Despite the Covid crisis, GIREVE has reported a strong growth in activity in 2020, which attests to the dynamism of the electric mobility sector in Europe.

Thanks to its central positioning and its detailed knowledge of the ecosystem, GIREVE is developing new intermediations, high value-added consulting, and training services, and is involved in numerous European initiatives with public and private players.

By structuring the market on issues as diverse as Plug & Charge, Smart Charge, MAAS and infrastructure rollout plan, GIREVE is establishing itself as a key player to support the development of all stakeholders in the sector.

A renewed trust in the expansion of GIREVE’s activities and in its role as a structuring player in the market

For Eric Plaquet, President of GIREVE: «This new fund raising is in line with the acceleration of the growth of the activity, with a volume of transactions higher than expected and an exponential increase in the volume of processed data. It consolidates GIREVE’s position as a digital platform for charging, and GIREVE can fully assume its structuring role in all the challenges of the sector.

This capital increase is the sign of a renewed trust of the historical investors in the diversification of the company’s activities as well as the relevance of GIREVE as a trusted third party in the charging value chain.

The fast-growing catalan company ETECNIC got connected to GIREVE’s Platform

Etecnic + Gireve
The fast-growing Catalan company Etecnic got connected to GIREVE’s platform to open its network to roaming and offer charging to new users

Reworded as the 22nd fastest-growing company in Spain in 2020 by the national paper El Pais, Etecnic commercializes electric vehicle charging equipment and develop software for the intelligent management of electric vehicle charging named EVcharge.

This program manages electric energy in two directions (from the grid to the vehicles and from the vehicles to the grid), allowing the vehicles to transfer or obtain energy from the charge points according to the needs of the moment, allowing the management of the charges through mobile applications and placing the electric vehicle as the energy center of houses and buildings, helping to save electricity consumption and increasing the energy efficiency of the buildings 

By connecting to the GIREVE’s platformthe company born in Tarragona will be able to open its 508 charging points to all users no matter their access means and will be able to grant access to a great number of charging points in Europe for their 10 000 users. 

“The connection to GIREVE platform is an important step in our development in order to open our network to new users and give more service to our users” Jorge Rios Cortés CEO at ETECNIC energy and mobility. 

GIREVE refuerza su accionariado para impulsar inversiones


El accionariado de GIREVE, previamente compuesta por Renault Group, EDF a través de su subsidiaria EDEV, Enedis, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône y Caisse des Dépôts, se está reforzando y diversificando con la llegada de FMET, cuyo objetivo es invertir en activos de infraestructura que contribuyan a la modernización ecológica del transporte.

GIREVE, miembro asociado de AEDIVE desde 2017, conecta en tiempo real con más de 50 redes de recarga de vehículos eléctricos en Europa, que suman 13.000 puntos de carga. En los últimos 3 años, GIREVE ha estado operando servicios que son considerados una referencia en la industria: Investigación y reserva de puntos de recarga con gestión en tiempo real de su disponibilidad, acceso a estaciones de carga para conductores en itinerancia y mercado B2B para la gestión digital de acuerdos de interoperabilidad entre operadores de infraestructura.

Con la aceleración en el despliegue de infraestructuras de recarga, el mercado se encuentra muy fragmentado y los servicios de interoperabilidad para los múltiples operadores se ha convertido en un servicio crítico. A través de su plataforma IT, GIREVE ofrece solución a estas necesidades facilitando la relación contractual entre suministrador y el demandante de los servicios de recarga, permitiendo el intercambio de datos entre los operadores en tiempo real y permitiéndoles recibir el pago de los servicios que han dado a sus clientes, incluyendo aquellos clientes con los que no tienen una relación contractual.

Según Bruno Lebrun, presidente de GIREVE, “la llegada de FMET en el capital de la compañía, junto con los otros fundadores, ofrece una fuente adicional de recursos para impulsar nuestro desarrollo e impulsar inversiones para el desarrollo de nuevos servicios”.